Local Software Developer Reveals NFC Functionality in Google+ App

Local Software Developer Reveals NFC Functionality in Google+ App


There is more than meet the eyes when it comes to Google+ app for Android. A local software developer, Ridzuan Ashim, found out recently that the Google+ app for Android has a hidden NFC functionality. With a NFC-enabled handset, you can read NFC tags and share text on the recently launched social networking service, Google+.

While the functionality is limited to reading text at the moment, the potential of this feature seems limitless in the near future especially when integrated with Google + features such as Circles, Sparks, Hangouts and Huddle. For example, it is possible to check in at locations or add people to Circles with a single tap on NFC tags.

Ridzuan Ashim - Found out that if you have the Google+ mobile app and an NFC phone, you can actually tap NFC tags that contact text type content and it would launch Google+ with the text content pre-typed into the status update field

With NFC being regarded as the next big trend in the mobile industry, we may be able to see more mobile devices support, developers' interests and services for NFC in the months ahead. For now, this functionality is limited to people who have NFC-enabled devices running on Android 2.3.4 and have Google+ app installed. 

You can check out the video demonstration here.

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