Linux Foundation Announces the Launch of Tizen, a Linux-based Mobile OS

Linux Foundation Announces the Launch of Tizen, a Linux-based Mobile OS

The Linux Foundation and the LiMo Foundation issued a joint statement to announce the launch of Tizen, a new Linux-based open source mobile operating system. The platform's application stack and third-party developer frameworks will be built around standards-based Web technologies. The new Tizen website says that Intel and Samsung are jointly backing the effort. They have both tried their hands at operating systems before, specifically MeeGo and Bada. Neither effort has been particularly successful, at least compared to Android or iOS.

The Linux foundation will host this project, which will be steered by teams from Intel and Samsung. The project will be centered on HTML5 and other web standards. In a statement on the MeeGo website, Intel’s director of open source technology Imad Sousou says that the future belongs to HTML5-based applications and the company wants to shift their investment toward that. Samsung's interest in this project may be seen as a declaration of independence from Google, which appears destined to become more of a direct competitor to Samsung as a result of its planned purchase of Motorola Mobility.

Tizen may offer Intel, Samsung, and other hardware makers access to a mobile operating system without excessive fees or restrictions; however, whether developers will take to Tizen's application development framework remains to be seen. Currently, these developers can already write mobile applications using Web technologies on a variety of development platforms, such as Appcelerator, PhoneGap, and Rhomobile, and then deploy them as native applications to multiple mobile operating systems. The Tizen SDK is scheduled to be released in the first quarter of 2012.

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