LG Will Unveil 84-inch Ultra Definition 3D TV at CES 2012

LG Will Unveil 84-inch Ultra Definition 3D TV at CES 2012

Traditionally speaking, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has always been the place for companies to showcase their latest and most massive televisions. LG is one such company, and the Korean chaebol has confirmed in a press release that it'll be showcasing their latest 84-inch 3D TV at CES 2012. Earlier this year at CES 2011, we've seen a similar model from LG sporting the same display size and resolution.

Besides its exceptionally generous size, the LG TV will also sport a display resolution that's four times higher than existing full HD TV panels. Dubbed as Ultra Definition, 3840 x 2160 pixels will complement the 84-inch display with LG's Slim and Narrow Bezel Design.

The 3D TV will also come with 3D depth control, allowing you to customize the 3D effects to a more comfortable viewing level. 2D to 3D conversion is also available on the 84-inch 3D TV, and if you are searching for more 3D content, content services such as 3D Zone has a listing of 3D movies to choose from.

Being a smart TV, the unit will also have access to LG's library of 1,200 apps, and its Magic Remote is equipped to recognize four different types of command input: Voice Recognition, Wheel, Magic Gesture and Point.

Hopefully, we will get more details on this LG TV during CES 2012, including its retail price and availability.

Source: Newswire Korea via The Verge

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