LG Unveils 55-inch LM9600 Cinema 3D Smart TV

LG Unveils 55-inch LM9600 Cinema 3D Smart TV

Singapore, April 23rd, 2012 – LG Electronics Singapore (LG) has unveiled its latest and most sophisticated CINEMA 3D Smart TV, the 55-inch LM9600, whose display and sound technologies, product design and Smart TV functions share a unified focus on enabling the most immersive CINEMA 3D experience.

"The new LM9600 synergizes and pulls into a single product the various sophisticated technologies LG has been applying to its CINEMA 3D products," said Mr. Scott Jung, Managing Director of LG Electronics Singapore. "The LM9600’s development was also based on consumer feedback on 3D features and Smart TV functions. Whether in terms of picture quality, 3D features, Smart TV features or product design, the LM9600 is a premium 3D Smart TV in every respect". 

The LM9600 builds upon the strengths of LG’s previous CINEMA 3D Smart TVs by addressing the more detailed elements of 3D display and audio qualities. The new technologies revolve around the control and maximization of the 3D depth effect. For instance, 3D Depth Control allows users to adjust the distance between the numerous on-screen objects, thereby increasing the immersive effect of 3D images. Such enhancement in the immersive effect of the 3D images is also accompanied by the enhanced 3D sound, as 3D Sound Zooming generates sound according to the location and movement of the on-screen objects. Meanwhile, the improved 2D to 3D conversion engine allows viewers to enjoy a greater quantity of high quality 3D content.

The LM9600’s enhanced 3D effects are supported by LG’s NANO FULL LED technology, the first time this technology has been applied in 3D TVs. NANO FULL LED ensures uniform light distribution, detailed local dimming and picture consistency, while displaying vibrant images that are brighter, clearer and smoother.

The cinematic experience enabled by the LM9600 is further maximized by LG’s CINEMA SCREEN Design, which has slimmed down the bezel to a barely noticeable level of 5.1mm. The slim bezel is accompanied by a widened display panel. By undertaking these design changes, LG has removed physical obstructions to deliver a truly uninterrupted CINEMA 3D viewing experience. In addition, the LM9600’s elegant, understated design fits in with any interior décor, rightly deserving of its win of a 2012 red dot design award.

Enhanced Smart TV Ecosystem

Enhancements to the TV hardware have been accompanied by LG’s expansion of its Smart TV function and content offerings, which are easier to access and use, thanks to LG’s 2012 red dot design award-winning Magic Remote. The enhanced Magic Remote, with three gesture control modes: Pointing, Wheel and Gesture, operates like an air mouse, enabling viewers to browse and select content and apps by simply pointing the remote control unit toward the TV and clicking.

Viewers can access a wide spectrum of 3D content and apps. They include LG’s 3D World, a one-stop shop for 3D video clips. Youtube, K-Pop Zone and a range of Premium Content services are also available. Viewers can easily extract any video they might be looking for from this sea of content, with the Universal Search function.

A growing abundance of other apps are available through LG Smart World. Viewers can also access Social Networking Services, such as Facebook and Twitter, through the Social Center, while simultaneously watching TV programs. With HTML 5 and Flash 10 are both supported, viewers can also expect a seamless web browsing experience.

LG’s Smart TV ecosystem is accessible through the Home Dashboard 2.0, which has been upgraded for 2012. The new Home Dashboard is customizable, allowing users to select the on-screen elements that appear on their start-up screen. Shortcuts to frequently accessed content and apps can be created to enable quick and easier access.

Viewers can now access a far larger quantity of content through the LM9600’s connectivity features. Foremost among them is Smart Share Plus, which provides access to content stored in external devices, such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets and flash memory drives. Smart Share Plus also offers the screen share function that streams TV content to external viewing devices, such as smartphones or tablets, through Wi-Di connection. Smart Share Plus also enables mobile device users to view different content from what is being shown on the TV.

Additionally, with Wi-Di and MHL, viewers can instantly transfer multimedia content from their smartphones to their TVs. Moreover, if the content in external devices suffers from low resolution, the Resolution Upscaler improves their quality.

The LM9600 is also optimal for gamers, as LG’s Dual Play function enables multi-player gaming on a single screen. Whereas conventional TVs rely on a split-screen display or separate TVs for multi-player games, the LM9600 transmits to gamers two separate full screen 2D images that can be viewed simultaneously through two different sets of polarized glasses, enabling each player to see their relevant screen image on the full screen.

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