LG to Integrate 2012 Cinema 3D Smart TVs with Intel WiDi

LG to Outfit 2012 Cinema 3D Smart TVs with Intel WiDi

LG's and Intel's recent plans to embed the Koreans' 2012 Cinema 3D Smart TVs with Intel's Wireless Display (WiDi) technology may soon make messy Category 6 cables a rarity in the living room. Some premium TV models are equipped with integrated Wi-Fi capabilities, but they suffer from one tiny flaw: they require a router to serve the goods.

Conversely, Intel's WiDi is a point-to-point wireless connectivity interface which enables WiDi-compliant notebooks to stream high-definition videos and multimedia content to the television. In other words, Intel's WiDi wireless technology is totally independent of your home Wi-Fi network, and nor does it require an active Internet connection. It is also said that users can continue to work on other tasks on their mobile devices during real-time streams.

Prior to this, Intel's WiDi feature required televisions to be fitted with third-party adapters, such as those manufactured by D-Link and Netgear for instance, which may cost up to US$120 apiece. 

"Through this strategic alliance, Cinema 3D Smart TV users will be able to access a wider variety of content in a more convenient manner," said Mr Seog-ho Ro, Senior Vice President of LG Home Entertainment Company’s TV Business Unit. "Intel WiDi will be one of several features that will enhance the user convenience of our Cinema 3D Smart TVs, further differentiating our products from the competition".

WiDi-compliant features are similarly popping up on smartphone chipsets too, such as Qualcomm's Snapdragon S4. Essentially, this enables not just notebook users, but smartphone wielders to push content to the display set as well. According to LG's official press release, the revitalized Cinema 3D Smart TV fleet with integrated WiDi will be flaunted during CES 2012 next month. Availability and prices are yet unknown. 

Source: LG via Slash Gear

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