Lenovo Redefines Computing Experience For Consumers And Businesses

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IdeaPad S100, S205 – Stylish Internet Companion Packed with Surprises

Lenovo presents two new additions to their ultraportable laptop offerings, the IdeaPad S100 and IdeaPad S205. The IdeaPad S205 is an 11.6-inch mini laptop featuring an ultra-slim design for easy portability and a stylish AccuType chiclet keyboard – designed to make typing more comfortable on smaller notebooks. With optional integrated 3G connectivity and long battery life, the S205 is the perfect companion for browsing the web in the home or on the go. It also comes with DirectShare, which lets users sync their files with another Lenovo computer without connecting to the Internet.

The S100 – the successor to Lenovo’s popular S10-3 netbook – also features a premium AccuType keyboard, along with a 10.1-inch slim backlit LED display. Weighing in at less than 2.2 pounds, the S100 will be available in a wide range of colourful options such as red, fuchsia, sky blue and black, making it a great entry level portable computing option for those on the go.

IdeaPad V570, V470 and V370 – Work Smarter and Faster

Work is given a fun element with the IdeaPad V Series notebooks – V370, V470 and V570 – which feature a crisp, professional look with an aluminium casing and cover, and a thin 21mm design, allowing you to look sharp at the office yet relaxed at home. Designed for both consumers or small office and home office (SOHO), the V Series boasts all new 2nd Generation Intel Core processors, helping users blaze through work tasks with speed and accuracy. To help guard what matters most, the V Series laptops fea! ture robust integrated security tools to help preserve and protect users’ data. Its security features include the OneKey Rescue System for quick data backup and recovery; Lenovo Security Suite, a robust suite of security tools that will encrypt and protect users’ data from prying eyes; a Fingerprint Reader for bio-authentication using a finger as a password; and a USB Port Locker to prevent unauthorised access to USB ports. The V Series models come with Lenovo Enhanced Experience 2.0 for Windows 7 with Lenovo RapidBoot technology, which enables users to start their PC on average 20 seconds faster than a typical Windows 7 computer.

Lenovo G770, G570, G470, G575, G475 — Mainstream Affordable Notebooks

For consumers looking for the best value and essential mobile computing with the latest processor technology, Lenovo has expanded its G Series to include new 17-, 15- and 14-inch options. Sturdy, yet stylish, the G770, G570, G470, G575 and G475 laptops offer well-rounded features such as Energy Management, which protects the long-term life of the battery; and OneKey Rescue System, which makes it easy for users to backup and reco! ver data. The Lenovo G Series includes Lenovo Enhanced Experience 2.0 for Windows 7 with RapidBoot technology for faster start-up, shutdown and optimised multimedia.

Lenovo B570 and B470— Essential PCs for Work and Play

Lenovo introduced several new models wi thin its essential brand of affordable home computers, including the B570 and B470 for SOHO. Intended for consumers who want the latest technology including multimedia and security features for use at the office or at home, the Lenovo B Series laptops feature up to a 2nd Generation Intel Core i5 processor with Intel Technology 2.0, and up to Windows 7 Professional OS.

IdeaCentre A320, B520, B320 and Lenovo C205 – Expanded All-in-One Portfolio

Lenovo redefines the ‘A, B, Cs’ of AIOs with four new PCs, each uniquely designed to satisfy the needs and preferences of individual consumers. The IdeaCentre A320 - the industry’s slimmest AIO design - measures just 18.5mm deep at its thinnest point, and lets users enjoy stunning HD video with its 21.5-inch widescreen display and latest high contrast LED panel technology. The A320 also comes with the latest 2nd Generation Intel Core i5 processor with Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, plus a complete range of connectors including HDMI in and out and an integrated card reader.

Those seeking high-performance gaming and family entertainment can turn to the IdeaCentre B520 and B320, which deliver compact performance with the latest 2nd Generation Intel Core i7 processor in the B520 and i5 processor in the B320. The IdeaCentre B520 is Lenovo’s most powerful AIO and is the industry’s first frameless AIO design with a multitouch touchscreen, utilising Project Capacitive Touch (PCT) for a more accurate and comfortable multitouch user experience. Featuring a 23-inch full HD display with optional Nvidia 3D Vision solution, SRS Premium Sound audio enhancement and an optional 3-in-1 Mouse with motion-drive gaming and air-mouse functionality, the B520 delivers a truly immersive entertainment experience for both serious gaming and fun family entertainment.

The 21.5-inch multitouch IdeaCentre B320 features Hardware TV (HWTV)10 – which means the B320 is both a regular HD television and a computer. With HWTV, users need not start up the PC to watch television and can easily switch between computer and TV modes at the press of the button, or even enjoy both at the same time with the picture-in-picture function.

For an affordable PC with an ultra-slim space-saving design, the Lenovo C205 is a good option. With an 18.5-inch HD 16:9 widescreen display and optional intuitive single-touch touchscreen panel, the C205 is a great choice for mainstream digital consumers looking for a low-cost ‘info-tainment’ PC for the kitchen or any space-limited area in the home. With 720p high definition graphics support, a high quality web camera, microphone and integrated speakers, sharing photos and videos and chatting online are simple and convenient. The C205 is available with up to AMD Dual Core Processor E-350 with AMD Radeon HD 6310 Discrete-Class Graphics. The two tone colour shell design makes the C205 an ideal fit for any room in the home. The C205 also comes with up to ATI Radeon HD6000 series 1G graphics processor for high definition video support, and an integrated DVD reader/writer.

Pricing and Availability

The ThinkPad X120e will be available beginning February 2011 starting from under US$400.

The new ThinkPad Edge Series laptops will be available beginning April 2011 starting from US$749.

The new IdeaPad S Series laptops will be available beginning March 2011 starting from US$329.99.

The new IdeaPad Y Series laptops will be available beginning May 2011 starting from US$899.99.

The new Lenovo B Series laptops will be available beginning April 2011 starting from US$499.99.

The new Lenovo V Series laptops will be available beginning April 2011 starting from US$599.99.

The IdeaCentre A320 will be available beginning February 2011 starting from US$699.

The IdeaCentre B520 and B320 will be available beginning June 2011 starting from US$899 and US$699 respectively.

The Lenovo C205 will be available beginning March 2011 starting from US$499.

The Lenovo IdeaPad U1 with LePad will be available in China first quarter of 2011 starting from approximately US$1,300, while the LePad slate can be purchased separately starting from approximately US$520.

All of the PCs will be available through Lenovo's business partners. In-country availability and local pricing will be updated closer to retail/commercial launch availability.

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