Lenovo To Penetrate Connected TV Market?

Lenovo To Enter Connected TV Market?

We first caught wind of Lenovo's plans to break into China's Connected TV market last month. Well, it looks like events are taking serious shape given Lenovo's recent talks with OEM and component makers such as Compal and Wistron. Interestingly enough, big names such as Sony and Toshiba are already on both of their clientele sheets. - To make the most of its experience from churning out excellent PCs, laptops and notebooks, Lenovo has now decided to venture into the smart TV world. The venture, which is expected to give a tough challenge for the players already in the domain, Lenovo has kicked off their quiet advance towards manufacturing smart TVs and are trying to take a good bite of this growing market segment in the gadget world.

Based on a report published by, the Chinese CE maker is poised to deliver their own series of Connected TVs, or so-called Smart TVs, in the second half of 2011. However, it is unclear if Lenovo would limit their reach to the Chinese HDTV domain exclusively. What we'd like to know is, how will Lenovo's new displays measure up against those delivered by established AV titans such as LG, Samsung and Sony. More on DeviceMag's article here.     

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