Lenovo Launches U300s Ultrabook in Singapore

Lenovo Launches U300s Ultrabook in Singapore

The Lenovo U300s is by the one of the more exciting Ultrabooks we've had our hands on, and soon consumers will get the chance to own one of these beauties. We've been told that this machine will be available during Sitex, which is just around the corner - just in time for the festive season.

Also available now is the U400, which we've seen a while back during Comex 2011. But unfortunately at the time, it was only available to consumers who sign up for a Starhub promotion. Now, this Core i5, Radeon HD6470, 4GB RAM equipped machine will be available for everyone's purchase, along with the U300s at Sitex 2011.

Currently the U300s is only available with either an Intel Core i5 or Core i7 processor, but we've heard from Lenovo representatives that a Core i3 version, dubbed the U300e will be available at the start of 2012, giving consumers more flexibility in terms of processing power.

We've also come across some nuggets of information regarding optional accessories (mouse, USB hub etc...) that you can get to complement the painstakingly designed U300s. These accessories, we were told, might not actually share the same build materials, but share the same design philosophy.

Pricing for both the U300s and U400 have also been released to us. The very premium U300s will start at S$1899, while the U400 will go for a more modest S$1299 for the budget conscious.

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