Lenovo Ideapad Yoga Both a Tablet And Notebook

Lenovo Ideapad Yoga Both a Tablet And Notebook

Late last year, we predicted that the upcoming Windows 8 will enable manufacturers to toy around with different form factors, like the more interesting ones we've seen from Android tablets. Looks like Lenovo is set to prove us right.

We've just received information about the very exciting and appropriately named Lenovo Ideapad Yoga. This little form bender can flip its (10-point) touch-enabled (1600 x 900 pixel resolution) screen to become a Windows 8 tablet, or notebook complete with faux leather palmrest, giant clickpad and chiclet keyboard.

And that's not all. According to Lenovo, the Ideapad Yoga can also turn into a stand and a tent (not the kind you sleep in obviously). Specifications from Lenovo so far is still sparse, but what we know so far about it is that it will feature a solid-state-drive, back-lit keys, and it will measure 16.9mm thick, and weigh 1.47kg.

Release dates have not been announced, but judging from the fact that it will Windows 8, we're fairly sure it will be towards the third quarter of the year, and will sport an Ivy Bridge processor. Lenovo also claims that the machine has 8 hours of battery life.

“It is clear to us that consumers want their four screens: mobile devices, tablets, notebooks and smart TVs and they want them to work together seamlessly, anytime, anywhere. Whether a notebook that bends and folds, or an all-in-one that puts the 'wide' into wide-angle, today's announcements reflect our focus on delivering the inspirational innovations that consumers are looking for,” said Yang Yuanqing, Chairman and CEO, Lenovo. “The IdeaPad YOGA multi-mode notebook redefines the convergence and convertible user experience by bringing together the best of traditional PCs, with the best of tablets and more.”

Lenovo is expecting to retail the machine at a very delicious US$1199. Press release and more information about Lenovo's flood of new products available on the next page.

Source: The Verge

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