Leaked: NVIDIA's 28nm Kepler GPU Roadmap for Desktops

Leaked: NVIDIA's 28nm Kepler GPU Roadmap for Desktops

A leaked roadmap from Japanese website 4Gamer has confirmed the launch date for NVIDIA's next generation 28nm Kepler GPUs for desktops. According to the roadmap, the first GPU to be shipped is the Gk107 which supports "PCI Express Gen 2" while the rest of the GPUs support PCIe 3.0 as they are high-end GPUs. This bottom-to-top product model release strategy may be NVIDIA's tentative approach towards TSMC's 28nm fabrication process.

As the fabrication process matures with time and has better yields, NVIDIA will launch its high-end Kepler GPUs culminating in the launch of GK112 in 2013. The other two GPU SKUs, the GK106 and GK104. To end 2012 on a high note, the GK110, NVIDIA's dual-chip GPU, is touted to pack in two GK104 GPUs on a single PCB just like the GeForce GTX 590.

The Kepler GPUs also feature DirectX 11.1 support which will ship with Microsoft Windows 8 and this new operating system is slated for mid 2012. Hence, 2012 seems to be an exciting year for rig builders looking to upgrade their hardware and software systems and we shall be keeping abreast of these exciting developments.

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