LCD Hack Turns It into a Privacy Monitor

LCD Hack Turns It into a Privacy Monitor

Is some pesky soul trying to peek over your shoulder again? Those who value their personal space would know that privacy filters designed for smartphones and tablet devices are invaluable in keeping prying eyes away.

But what if a particular hack is able to transform your larger LCD screen into a privacy monitor? In other words, the screen's contents are only visible to you after the hack, while those around you are left staring at a boring and blank white screen. Sounds cool?

The folks over at Instructables posted an article showing just that. Essentially, it provides a step-by-step guide on how you can create your very own privacy monitor with a few basic tools, such as an old pair of glasses, solvents, box cutters, paper towels and some super glue. Needless to say, an LCD display is needed as well. The trick lies in removing the anti-glare film from the LCD panel and using them as lenses instead. This polarizing material actually filters out the backlight and shows the viewer what's onscreen. 

Imagine the look on your colleagues' faces if you could implement this at the office. While this DIY project might require a little patience and a pair of steady hands, it is a fairly easy undertaking almost anyone can pull off. Care to try?

Source: Instructables via Yahoo! News

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