Latest Version of My Picturetown Released

Latest Version of My Picturetown Released

Nikon is pleased to announce today’s release of the latest version of my Picturetown (, Nikon’s image sharing and storage service, with new and better functions and features.

The latest upgrade of my Picturetown enables simpler playback of movie files as well as support for the playback of Motion Snapshot files recorded with Nikon 1 advanced interchangeable lens cameras.

In addition, GPS support (map view) has been expanded and improved to display log data recorded using the GPS function built into Nikon’s new COOLPIX AW100 on a map, allowing users to view and share a record of their movement over a specific period of time.

Primary new my Picturetown functions

  1. Simple movie playback
    With the current version, movies are played back in a separate window. With the new version, however, operation has been improved so that by simply clicking on a movie thumbnail, movies begin playing in the current window, regardless of the selected view.* As movies can be played back at the preferred thumbnail size, the new movie function is also convenient because it enables consecutive playback of multiple movie files. In addition, as full-screen display in the browser window is also possible, users can enjoy their movies easier and more quickly.
  2. Playback and sharing of Motion Snapshot file
    Motion Snapshot files recorded with Nikon 1 cameras can be uploaded to, played and shared on my Picturetown. This allows you to share Motion Snapshot, a new form of imaging expression proposed by Nikon, with family and friends.
  3. Improved GPS function (map view)
    The GPS function built into models such as the Nikon COOLPIX AW100 periodically records position information as GPS log data. This log data can now be displayed in map view to show your route of movement over a specified period of time. Additional features, such as a graph display of GPS log altitude and display of heading information and location names (points of interest or POI) recorded in photo information allow users to view a detailed record of shooting scenes along with the photos themselves.

    Features of the GPS function
    - Display of route of movement
    - Altitude graph display
    - Shooting heading display
    - Location name (POI) display

Overview of my Picturetown service

Site upgrade activation: 21 Sep 2011

No. of members: Approx. 1,500,000 (as of Sep 2011)

Types of accounts: Free (no charge, up to 2GB storage), Gold (fee charged, up to 200GB storage in units of 20GB each)

*Membership fee ¥350/month (tax included) for each 20GB unit of storage space
*Membership fee varies by country or region

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