Kingston Urges IT Pros to Reassess Memory Requirements

Kingston Urges IT Pros to Reassess Memory Requirements

Kingston released The Yin and Yang of Memory Overcommitment in Virtualization - a white paper published in collaboration with VMware. The white paper demonstrates how a virtual machine (VM) can be impacted when an ESX server is put under memory pressure and the potential VM performance impacts that can occur. In addition to the white paper, Kingston has launched a companion blog aimed at VMWare administrators and IT professionals who face challenges in optimizing their server memory configurations, improving performance and reducing the cost of their infrastructure - covering memory, virtualization, solid-state drives (SSD) and other relevant technologies.

The white paper’s memory experiments were conducted in Kingston's Virtualization Proof-of-Concept Lab and were designed to show how memory and virtualization software work together effectively in a virtual environment. As the workload is increased, the negative impact of memory overcommitment is highlighted. These tests follow recent research from VMware and VKernel which found that VMware customers run an average of 12.5 virtual machines on each physical server, but memory limitations may prevent further progress . With most IT professionals focusing on CPU performance and storage capacity to ensure their virtual machines run smoothly, Kingston’s experiments highlight the impact of memory on such an environment and the performance losses and possible downtime when memory is overprovisioned.

To enable IT professionals to understand more about the impact of memory overcommitment, The Yin and Yang of Memory Overcommitment in Virtualization is available on Kingston’s new “Red Tech” blog:

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