Kindle Android App Due in Summer

Kindle Android App Due in Summer

Amazon's Kindle app has been available on the PC, Mac and the iPhone/iPod platforms and by June this year, it's set to launch on Google's rapidly growing Android OS too. Whether the wide availability of the Kindle app on multiple platforms, especially a smartphone OS, will affect Amazon's hardware sales for the Kindle 1/2, is uncertain, but Amazon is not just in the business of selling e-book readers - it's still mainly an online retailer - and this app will further extend its reach.

PC World - Amazon has simplified the e-book reading experience by launching apps on nearly every mobile device, and now it has bridged the final gap with Kindle for Android, due later this summer. Pair this news with rumors of an enhanced Kindle 3 and it is evident Amazon intends on giving Apple's iBooks -- and everybody else -- a healthy challenge and perhaps provide a beat down of epic proportions.

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