Kevin Costner donates Ocean Therapy Technology

Kevin Costner donates Ocean Therapy Technology

In other news, actor Kevin Costner donates 'Ocean Therapy' technology to help the oil spill off the Gulf of Mexico.

Could there be a happy Hollywood ending to the Gulf oil spill? Enter "Waterworld" star Kevin Costner, who has spent years and millions of dollars perfecting a device that cleans oil from seawater. British Petroleum - desperate for ideas - gave the okay to test six of Costner's gizmos this week, said BP Chief Operating Officer Doug Suttles. Costner's high-speed centrifuge machine has a Los Angeles-perfect name: "Ocean Therapy." Placed on a barge, it sucks in large quantities of polluted water, separates out the oil and spits back 97% clean water. "It's like a big vacuum cleaner," said Costner's business partner, Louisiana trial lawyer John Houghtaling.

This is real, people.

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