Judge Orders Oracle to Cut Android Claims by 98%

Judge Orders Oracle to Cut Android Claims by 98%

Months after Oracle launched its patent infringement lawsuit against Google for the use of Java in Android, the case is all set to go ahead in U.S district court. The presiding judge however has ordered Oracle to reduce the number of claims from 132 to just 3, a whopping reduction of 98%. The ones that have been cut cannot be brought up again in court. This action makes the case more manageable and potentially reduce the amount of damages should Google lose the suit.

ZDNet - A US district judge has told Oracle to narrow its Android patent claims against Google to a "triable number". In an order on Tuesday, US district judge William Alsup wrote: "Currently, there are 132 claims from seven patents asserted in this action, and there are hundreds of prior art references in play for invalidity defences. This is too much."

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