Jobs' Android Rage "Actually for Show", Says Google CEO

Jobs' Android Rage "Actually for Show", Says Google CEO

Google's new CEO, Larry Page, has quite a few things on his mind. Two of them seem to be Facebook and Apple, followed by charges from critics claiming that Google's original motto "Don't Be Evil" is now dead.

In an exclusive interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, Page dismissed a few of those "evil" charges, saying that Google has always been about using large-scale technology advancements to help make people’s lives better (Google's driver-less car?), and to make the community better.

The article also compares Page success with the success of other CEOs, who have left and returned again to companies they founded with the most notable being the late Steve Jobs. Page also added that Jobs in his last days, reached out to him, and gave Page some precious pointers on how to run a company successfully.

However the most interesting piece of information would be Page's belief that the late Apple CEO's unquenchable rage towards Android was not entirely real, and was "merely meant to motivate Apple employees."

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek

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