Ivy Bridge Desktop CPU Lineup Revealed in Leaked Roadmap Slides

Ivy Bridge Desktop CPU Lineup Revealed in Leaked Roadmap Slides

CPU World has revealed more details of Intel's next generation processors codenamed Ivy Bridge. These new processors will be the successors to the current Sandy Bridge CPUs. With the recent launch of the Sandy Bridge-E processor under its belt, attention has turned towards Intel's Ivy Bridge 22nm processors with their impending launch next year. The following table compares the Ivy Bridge family with its predecessors, the 2nd generation Intel Core i5 and i7 CPUs.

The table below highlights the details of the Ivy Bridge processors. According to CPU World, the Ivy Bridge Core i7 lineage will feature 77W, 65W and 45W TDPs; which will correspond to suffixes 'K', 'S' and 'T' of the processor numbers respectively. The fastest processor from the family, Core i7-3770K, is clocked at 3.5 GHz and it is on a par with the Sandy Bridge i7-2700K chip. All the Ivy Bridge Core i7 CPUs will sport four cores with HyperThreading support, and have 8MB of L3 cache;  which is the same as the 2nd generation Core i7 processors.

The Ivy Bridge Core i5 family of processors will have four CPU cores with no support for HyperThreading. They all have 6MB of L3 cache just like the 2nd generation Core i5 CPUs. The only exception to this is dual-core i5-3470T that does support HyperThreading, and comes with 3 MB of L3 cache.

In summary, Intel should be launching

  • two unlocked (Core i5-3570K and Core i7-3770K)
  • three mainstream (Core i5-3450, Core i5-3550 and Corei7-3770)
  • three mid-power level processors (Core i5-3450S, Core i5-3550S and Core i7-3770S)
  • three low-power models (Core i5-3470T, Core i5-3570T and Core i7-3770T)

Their estimated April launch date has been corroborated with an Intel desktop chipset roadmap which we had uncovered earlier this month. According to this chipset roadmap, the chipsets supporting the Ivy Bridge processors will be launched between March and April 2012.

Source: CPU World

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