iPhone Users Spend 14.7 Hours a Month Playing Games

iPhone Users Spend 14.7 Hours a Month Playing Games

According to a Nielsen study, the average iPhone owner spends twice the amount of time - 14.7 hours a month - playing mobile games compared to other mobile platforms. The average Android user spent only 9.3 hours. And the average for smartphone users (including other platforms like Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry) is 7.8 hours.

As noted by Ars Technica:

The study doesn't control for the selection size or quality of games, which is no doubt a factor for some platforms. But games are still making the biggest impact of all the application varieties: they are the most popular category of app, with 64 percent of downloaders grabbing a game in the last 30 days. Weather apps (60 percent) and social networking apps (56 percent) aren't trailing far behind.

So, how much time have you spent playing games on your smartphone this month?

Source: Nielsen (via Ars Technica)

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