iPhone 4S Users Like Siri, Dislike Short Battery Life

iPhone 4S Users Like Siri, Dislike Short Battery Life


Despite the incremental upgrades seen on the Apple iPhone 4S, the smartphone managed to achieve an overall 96% satisfaction among its users in a survey conducted by ChangeWave Research.

Conducted across 215 participants from November 2 to 9, ChangeWave Research found that 77% of iPhone 4S owners are "very satisfied" with the phone while 19% responded "somewhat satisfied". The overall percentage is higher than that of a survey done in July 2010 on iPhone 4 owners.

The survey also looked at the various features of the iPhone 4S that users liked and disliked. Siri was the most liked feature (49%), followed by the ease of use (39%) and the 8-megapixel camera (33%).

Not surprisingly, 38% of users responded that they were unhappy with the short battery life. Another 30% found the lack of 4G capability as a sore point for the iPhone 4S. Screen size doesn't seem to matter for iPhone4S users, with only 11% of its respondents finding it unsatisfactory.

While U.S users can enjoy the full functionality of Siri and hence ranked it as their most liked feature, we do not think that it will apply in our local context. This was explored in our review, where Siri had difficulties understanding our local accents and could not locate local businesses. 

Source: ChangeWave Research via BGR

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