iPhone 4S Teardown Reveals 512MB RAM and Sony Camera Module

iPhone 4S Teardown Reveals 512MB RAM and Sony Camera Module

Apple's new iPhone 4S is reportedly loaded with a 512MB RAM, as said by Donald Mustard, the creative director for Chair Entertainment, during an interview with Eurogamer. This has just been confirmed by iFixit and their teardown guide for the iPhone 4S.

The teardown didn't reveal that much of a difference within the iPhone 4S hardware. Nonetheless, the teardown did confirm Apple's claims of a longer battery life with the iPhone 4S, with the revelation of a larger battery capacity of 1432mAh compared to the iPhone 4's 1420mAh battery.

Meanwhile, Chipworks has also performed their own teardown, with a more detailed look at the 8-megapixel camera module on the iPhone 4S. With the use of an infrared microscope, the die markings on the base layer of the image sensor was seen, clearly showing Sony as the manufacturer. We do wonder if the same Exmor sensor adopted by Sony Ericsson's Xperia range is used on the iPhone 4S, but it is highly unlikely.

The iPhone 4S is seen as an incremental upgrade to its predecessor, with upgrades such as an Apple A5 dual-core processor and its intelligent voice assistant, Siri, integrated into the iOS 5 framework. Over 1 million pre-orders have been made for the iPhone 4S in a day, but there is a growing group of iPhone 4 users who are discontented with the iPhone 4S due its similarity to their current device.

Source : iFixit and Chipworks

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