iPhone 4S Survived Trip to Atmosphere But Not Drop Test

iPhone 4S Survived Trip to Atmosphere But Not Drop Test


The Apple iPhone 4S was just released last Friday and it had gone through two ordeals - a trip to Earth's atmosphere and a drop test.

According to 9to5Mac, a group of guys made a special tribute to Steve Jobs by sending two iPhone 4Ss into Earth's atmosphere via a weather balloon.

One of the phones took photos at intervals while the other did video recording. The phones survived the trip and landed safely, thanks to a parachute and Otterbox cases. 

Unfortunately, the iPhone 4S did not survive the drop test which was conducted by the staff at SquareTrade. The Samsung Galaxy S II was also included as part of the test to determine which phone is more hardy. 

The drop test consists of three different scenarios - waist high, shoulder height and face down. The front and back glass panels of the iPhone 4S shattered upon impact while the Galaxy S II suffered minimal damages to its chassis.

The drop test video serves as a gentle reminder that no matter how powerful our smartphones are, a drop is all it takes to shatter them physically.

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