iPhone 4S Getting 'No SIM Card Installed' Messages

iPhone 4S Getting 'No SIM Card Installed' Messages

Ever since its release, the iPhone 4S has been enveloped in a cloud of 'controversy' - Siri outage, the possibility of Siri's hack and port to Android devices and laptops,and a battery-sapping iOS 5 update. That's not all - Engadget has reported that several users have been plagued by issues with their SIM cards, prompting that the smartphone might, once again, contain a design flaw.

Engadget - While we have no reason to believe a majority of iPhone 4S owners are affected, the problem appears to span across numerous carriers and parts of the globe -- even Sprint and Verizon Wireless users aren't immune. Some report resolving the problem with a new SIM card, while others have reason to believe it's the reader itself. Then there's a group known as Woo Servers, which suggests the malfunction is related to a short circuit caused by a design flaw with the SIM card tray. They've provided a detailed list of instructions to remedy the problem with a simple piece of tape as the cure.

Sources: TUAW via Engadget, Woo Servers

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