iPad Rumored for 24th April International Launch

iPad Rumored for 24th April International Launch

If you've been following up on the iPad launch dates, it comes as no surprise that it'll be available in the US over the weekend. But for those of us living outside of the States, makr this date - 24th April. Word has it that this could be the launch date for the iPad outside of the US. But do take note that these are just rumors, and nothing has been substantiated as of now.

Engadget - Taking a step back to focus on the actual hardware for a moment, iPad in Canada is hearing that local Apple store employees have been told April 24th is a "black out period," meaning no one is allowed to take that day off. That usually coincides with major product launch, and we did hear the international iPad debut would be late April, but Apple's yet to make its non-US plans concrete.

Besides the iPad news, multi-tasking is also rumored for the upcoming iPhone OS 4.0 update, and this should be applicable for both the iPhone and iPad. What about an upcoming update to the iPhone? Let's keep our fingers crossed tlll June for more news on the iPhone front. For now, read all about the iPad launch dates and iPhone OS updates here.

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