iPad Mini to be Officially Named iPad Mini; iPod Nano Gets Wi-Fi?

iPad Mini to be Officially Named iPad Mini; iPod Nano Gets Wi-Fi?

Last week's "hot" rumor pointed to the iPad Mini debuting separately from the next-gen iPhone in October; this week's lukewarm confirmation has pointed to the fact that the iPad Mini will indeed be called iPad Mini.

App Advice - "According to Asian source, the name of Apple’s new product, which are expected to have 7″85′ and called as iPad mini, will be named as “iPad mini” officially. This source expects that “iPad” logo will be printed on back of case same as “iPod” is printed on iPod nano and iPod touch, and it means one new product will be added on iPad’s product brand genre. Should it prove correct, the iPad mini name will be consistent with the company’s previous iPod mini and Mac mini brands."

In addition, Japanese blog Macotakara also made some speculations about the new iPod Nano. They believe that the new Nano will come with WiFi connectivity for iTune Music Store downloads and sport a WiFi cutout like the iPod Touch. The new WiFi-enabled device is said to support iTunes in the Cloud and iTunes Match. Design-wise, the gadget will now sport a iPhone/iPod Touch-seque body with a home button in the middle.

The next-gen iPod Touch will allegedly get a share of the limelight as well. Following the rumors that the next-gen iPhone will be featuring a 4-inch display instead of a 3.5-inch one, Japanese blog Macotakara has reported that the next-gen iPod Touch will follow suit as well.

At this moment, we are not quite sure whether the iPod Touch and the Nano will debut with the iPhone or iPad Mini or whether they will even make a show but let's cross our fingers on this.

Source: Macotakara via 9to5Mac and AppAdvice

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