iPad Estimated to Cost US$260

iPad Estimated to Cost US$260

What would geeks do without iSuppli? The research firm has again done what it does best - take apart a new piece of electronics to tell you how much you really paying for it (or getting ripped off for). The recently launched Apple iPad gets the treatment and according to iSuppli, the US$500 iPad is worth slightly more than half its retail price at US$260.

PC World - Depending upon your perspective, Apple's iPad may be priceless or it may be pointless. On a less subjective scale, however, we're getting a better idea of what exactly an iPad is worth -- when it comes to its components, at least. So here it is: Apple's iPad costs as little as $260 to build, according to a new teardown analysis by electronics research firm iSuppli. Ready for a piece-by-piece look at what's inside?

Of course, the sum of its parts may be worth more than the $260 it cost Apple to make the iPad. Click here for the full story.

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