iPad 3 to Have Sharper Screen and Fast Processor

iPad 3 to Have Sharper Screen and Fast Processor

Three anonymous sources familiar with the third generation iPad have revealed that the iPad 3 will run a faster processor, have a high-definition screen, and work with next-generation wireless networks (namely LTE).

The iPad 3 will have a screen that has a greater resolution than the current iPad, with a source quoting that it will even have more pixels than some high-definition screens, reminding us of how the Retina display wowed us when it was first unveiled on the iPhone 4. Sporting a quad-core chip, production has been ramped up and will reach its peak by February, quoted another source.

The iPad was designed to work with LTE because as a tablet, it has a bigger battery and thus will be able to keep up with the power demands placed on it by the new technology, explaining why the iPhone was not the first Apple product to work with LTE. Besides the new screen and faster innards, the iPad 3 is said to look identical to the iPad 2.

Source: Bloomberg

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