iPad 3 to Have Dual-core CPU, Full HD Camera, and Siri?

iPad 3 to Have Dual-core CPU, Full HD Camera, and Siri?

Taiwan-based website shares new details regarding the specs of Apple’s next-generation iPad.’s report starts off with the processor claiming that the iPad 3 will be powered by a dual-core processor, in contrary to what was mentioned earlier about a possible quad-core processor powering the new Apple slate.

While its display size will largely remain the same as that of the iPad 2, the iPad 3 is expected to come with a Retina Display which will feature a high screen resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels.

Imaging-wise, the iPad 3 is alleged to have a camera that will be capable of full HD (1080p) video recording. On the software side of things, the new iPad will run iOS 5.1 and will integrate Siri. With that said, the iPad 3 will be the second device to integrate Apple’s revolutionary personal assistant application after the iPhone 4s.

It’s been speculated that Apple will launch the iPad 3 on March 7. It will be initially released in the United States to be followed by Japan, the United Kingdom, France and Germany in April.

Source: via AppleInsider

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