iOS 4.3.4 Cracked over the Weekend

iOS 4.3.4 Cracked over the Weekend

Earlier last week Apple released a software patch bumping the iOS up to version 4.3.4. The update fixes a PDF-related exploit, which promptly stopped jailbreakers in their tracks, albeit only for a moment. Before the update, iPad 2 owners could jailbreak their devices via the web-based jailbreak, as the iPad 2 could not be jailbroken using the tethered method due to bootrom exploit limitations.

Ironically, iOS 4.3.4 itself was jailbroken over the weekend. But your iDevice can only be jailbroken the old-fashioned way, via tethering. Browser-based jailbreaking is still out of bounds as the web-based method is still not updated. As the jailbreak requires tethering connection to a PC, iPad 2 users are once again left in the cold.


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