Ion Audio's Guitar Apprentice Imparts Guitar Skills with iPad

Ion Audio's Guitar Apprentice Imparts Guitar Skills with iPad

If you're planning to learn a guitar, take a more geeky approach with your iPad and Ion Audio's new Guitar Apprentice.

The full-sized guitar accessory, which lets you load an iPad into it, allows you to use Garage Band or Ion Audio's own app for a quick guitar lesson. In particular, the Ion Audio app prompts you with a light indicator along the bridge for the correct cord to strike, and lets you know if you've struck the wrong chord accordingly.

We managed to get a feel of the device, and we found it well-balanced, though still slightly heavier than the usual guitar due to the combined weight of the iPad and Guitar Apprentice. Of course, this isn't a perfect replacement for the classic acoustic guitars but it does give users an option to start learning, without spending a hefty amount on both a guitar and a teacher to impart the basic skills.

Guitar Apprentice will be available for US$99, starting from the US. The company hasn't announced its plans to expand into the Europe and Asia Pacific region, but like most of the products here, we can expect interested distributors to import the device to other regions.

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