Internet Explorer Browser Share Up in February

Internet Explorer Browser Share Up in February

It's still not that clear if Microsoft's Internet Explorer has turned a corner when it comes to browser adoption, but the latest data from Net Applications showed a gain for IE of 0.77%. Thanks to a change in methodology, it's possible that this gain is a one-off adjustment, but with the next version of IE expected to be released this month, there's hope yet for the browser. Firefox should watch its back.

Ars Technica - These gains were partly attributed to a change in Net Applications' calculations. The company uses demographic data from the Central Intelligence Agency to construct its estimates; the different measures it makes in different countries are scaled to take into account different population sizes and levels of Internet penetration. With the new CIA data, Western Europe—where Firefox has its highest usage rates—now represents a smaller share of the global Internet audience. This change should give Internet Explorer a one-off boost at Firefox's expense.

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