Internet-enabled Smart TVs at Risk of Hack Attacks

Internet-enabled Smart TVs at Risk of Hack Attacks

When you think of hacking, you instantly imagine someone trying to break into your computer and take control. However, more and more everyday devices are being fitted with processors and Internet connectivity so that they can be touted as "smart" products. Unfortunately this means that they are at the same risk of infection as any other device.

Recent tinkering by researcher Luigi Auriemma has found a vulnerability in a wide range of Samsung Smart TVs. This comes after the news that Gabriel Menezes Nunes, another security expert had found a way to breach the defenses for Sony Bravia TVs. Both attempts found that it was possible to seriously disrupt the operations of the display screen, rendering it almost useless.

Security for Internet-connected wares, not just TVs, cannot be overlooked and manufacturers should address the situation with haste. A botnet army of household appliances does not sound scary, but who really wants to find out what a zombie horde of smart TVs, smart washing machines and smart fridges can actually accomplish?

Source: Neohapsis and Aluigi via Arstechnica

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