Intel's Core i7-970 Coming Soon?

Intel's Core i7-970 Coming Soon?

At around US$1000, the Intel Core i7-980X is out of reach for most users (and they are unlikely to require all that processing power) but besides opting for AMD's less expensive and less powerful 6-cores, there could be an option soon for those who want something in-between. There are reports and e-retailer listings that hint at an upcoming new Intel 6-core processor.

Tech Report - The 1000-dollar Core i7-980X Extreme may not be Intel's only six-core processor for the foreseeable future. Fudzilla reports that a more affordable derivative, dubbed the Core i7-970, "could ship within the next couple of weeks." The site talks of early listings for the chip, and sure enough, European price search engine Geizhals lists one Core i7-970 listed at Dutch e-tailer

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