Intel's 3rd Generation X25-M SSD Specs Revealed

Intel's 3rd Generation X25-M SSD Specs Revealed

The solid state drive market (SSD) has become the next hotbed of activity in recent years, with many manufacturers jumping into this storage segment and new controllers like SandForce's SF-1200 entering the scene. Next year however could be crucial for the mass adoption of SSD, with Intel refreshing its highly rated drives with a new 25nm version.

AnandTech - What's this? The long awaited specs for Intel's third generation SSD? Indeed. Internally it’s called the Postville Refresh (the X25-M G2 carried the Postville codename), but externally it carries the same X25-M brand we’ve seen since 2008. The new drive uses 25nm IMFT Flash, which means we should get roughly twice the capacity at the same price. While Intel is sampling 25nm MLC NAND today it's unclear whether or not we'll see drives available this year. I've heard that there's still a lot of tuning that needs to be done on the 25nm process before we get to production quality NAND. The third generation drives will be available somewhere in the Q4 2010 - Q1 2011 timeframe in capacities ranging from 40GB (X25-V) all the way up to 600GB.

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