Intel Rolls Out 'Berryville' Media Processor

Intel Rolls Out 'Berryville' Media Processor

Intel is unleashing a media processor named "Berryville".

Formally called the CE5300, Berryville aims to offer set-top boxes and video gateways the same performance as one would see in video game consoles. This chipset is Intel's first media processor adopting the 32nm technology and a dual-core processor, so performance is more than doubled and the 2D/3D graphics engine is able to support some advanced gaming and video conferencing applications.

A feature called hyperthreading lets the 5300 support four simultaneous sequences/programs, Wehmeyer says. An H.264 B-picture hardware encoder allows the gateway to stream video to other devices on the home network, such as a tablet or another TV, at a lower bit rate without affecting video quality.

Berryville will significantly increase set-top and gateway performance as MSOs port video services to IP, launch more graphics-rich applications, and support more apps, including the user interface, in the cloud.

Source: Light Reading Cable

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