Intel to Power Tablets and Smartphones in Late 2011

Intel to Power Tablets and Smartphones in Late 2011

Most smartphones have been powered by more power-efficient chips based on the ARM architecture, from the likes of Qualcomm and Marvell . But come late 2011, that might be a different story. Intel's plans to introduce its processors onto tablets and smartphones are bearing fruit, with manufacturers agreeing to include its Intel chips on 35 tablets.

International Business Times - Intel Corp said it is making headway getting its chips into tablet computers and that smartphones using its processors will go on sale late next year as it rushes to catch up in the fast-growing mobile market.

The company is betting that new chips due to ship next year will invigorate its mobile business, which has struggled to get off the ground amid explosive sales of Apple's iPad tablets and smartphones using Google's Android operating system.

Meanwhile, as the market is dominated by tablets and smartphones, it goes to show that this is an apt avenue for Intel to tap onto. The question is, will this late 2011 introduction be in time to give Intel a decent share of the pie in the mobile division? That's something we'll look out for, but in the meantime, you can get more details about Intel's processor plans for mobile devices here.

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