Intel Launches New Processor Replacement Plan for Overclockers

Intel Launches New Processor Replacement Plan for Overclockers

Hardcore overclockers can do what they do best now with the blessings of Intel. The chipmaker has just announced its Performance Tuning Protection Plan (PTPP) that is an extended warranty plan to replace an eligible processor, damaged from overclocking. For starters, the PTPP is offered for a list of CPUs found on the chipmaker's official site.

After purchasing the PTPP, the eligible chip is only covered for one replacement and the failure must occur during its three-year warranty. In other words, if the CPU is damaged four years after its purchase, its PTPP will not be in effect in this situation. You can only purchase one PTPP for a single eligible CPU; however, you are not allowed to daisy-chain PPTPs for the same CPU. (Read: One and you are done!). According to HotHardware, this is only a pilot program that will be available for six months, after which Intel will likely review its performance and act accordingly.

Source: Intel, HotHardware

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