Intel Launches its Own News Site

Intel Launches its Own News Site

Call it Intel's inhouse spin machine, operating under the guise of being a 'news outlet'. The chip giant has launched a beta news site called Free Press that takes on tech developments with a decidedly Intel slant. It's PR in other words and the site is sort of transparent about who's paying its bills. It remains to be seen if Free Press can keep up journalistic standards of objectivity while tasked with reporting on tech news that are mostly related to Intel.

Ars Technica - Intel has now launched what looks to be the semiconductor industry's answer to the venerable in-flight magazine: Free Press, a "news" site hosted and published by Intel. It's sort of like Delta Sky magazine, but with a more direct and pervasive focus on Intel. The new site hosts byline-less articles on topics that range from Moore's Law, to the retirement of a recent top Intel engineer, to a spa near Intel's Ireland fab.

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