Intel Ivy Bridge Processors Expected to Ship in March 2012

Intel Ivy Bridge Processors Expected to Ship in March 2012

Intel is expected to launch its Ivy Bridge processors in March 2012. They are manufactured with a 22nm process and will be the first commercial CPUs to use Tri-Gate transistors. The new Ivy Bridge processors will be socket compatible with current motherboards used for Sandy Bridge processors. Hence, any notebook or desktop designed for Sandy Bridge will be able to directly take a new Ivy Bridge CPU as a drop-in replacement.

According to DigiTimes, the initial offerings will focus on dual-core and quad-core CPUs. The quad-core processors will have TDP ratings of 45W, 65W and 77W, while the dual-core models will have TDP ratings of 35W and 55W respectively. Currently, the top dog in Intel's Core i7 2600 processors is the quad-core i7-2600K and it has a TDP rating of 95W, while the dual-core 2nd generation Core i3-2130 has a TDP rating of 65W.

Such power savings of the Ivy Bridge processors are due to its power draw optimization. These power saving processors do not skimp on performance as the built-in graphics processor has been updated to support DirectX 11. The integrated GPU will also support 4K video resolutions. This means that Ivy Bridge will support video resolutions up to 4096 x 2304 pixels. With their Multi-Format Codec Engine called MFX, Intel claims that their next-generation chipset can run multiple 4K videos simultaneously. Intel also added hardware tessellation as well as support for compute shader.

Besides the new processors, Intel will launch new chipsets Z77 and Z75 to replace Z68 and P67 offerings. A H77 chipset will take the place of existing H67-based boards.

Source: Digitimes

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