Intel Brings TRIM Support to RAID 0 with RST 11.5

Intel Brings TRIM Support to RAID 0 with RST 11.5

In computing terminology, TRIM is a command issued by an operating system to inform an SSD which blocks of data are no longer in use and can be wiped internally. This frees up precious storage space on the SSD. Windows 7 and Intel's Rapid Storage Technology (RST) have support for TRIM since Windows 7's release in 2009; however, such support is not found in RAID configurations for SSDs.

With Intel's next release of RST (Rapid Storage Technology) 11.5, users who have planned to use their SSDs in a RAID 0 configuration will get to enjoy TRIM support, which ensures that their SSDs will not slow down due to orphaned files that take up storage space on the drives. Currently, the only way for SSD owners to enjoy TRIM support is to set up a single SSD in ACHI mode.

While Intel's RST 11.5 release date has not been confirmed, industry insiders speculate that its release will coincide with the official launch of Windows 8 in the second quarter of 2012. With Intel's recent launch of its new SSD 710 Series in September this year, consumers can look forward to implementing these high-end SSDs in a RAID 0 configuration, along with TRIM support in the coming future. Hopefully, this means that it's only a matter of time TRIM support will come to other RAID levels.

Source: Intel (via StorageReview)

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