Intel Atom Graphics Troubles are DirectX Related?

Intel Atom graphics troubles are DirectX related?

According to various sources on internet, Intel is having major driver problems, in fact the company has run into some DirectX related hurdles with Microsoft, rather than video decoding issues. As such Intel is only expecting to ship 32-bit DirectX 9 drivers come November. Although Cedar Trail features DirectX 10.1 graphics but Intel's driver development team is not going to have those drivers ready at launch.

There will not be any 64-bit versions of the DirectX 9 drivers released with the launch of Cedar Trail. Intel will have initial Wireless Display drivers ready for launch; however, these drivers will not support the latest features of Intel's Wireless Display technology and new drivers aren't expected until the first quarter of 2012. Also not available until Q1 2012 is support for Intel's Smart Connect technology, a kind of data push solution which means that even if your netbook in this case is in sleep mode, it will receive emails and other notifications which is an interesting feature Intel seems to have learnt from the smartphone market.

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