Instagram Web Profiles Announced

Instagram Web Profiles Announced

When Time Magazine considers your application a serious tool for journalism, we think you are entitled to claim that you have finally made it to the big leagues. Instagram's popularity on the Android and iOS platforms is undeniable and there is no reason to believe that it will not be as popular on Windows Phone 8 when it is finally released. Now they have also decided to expand over to desktops.

In a recent blog post, Instagram has stated that users will be able to access Web Profiles which will feature the user's photo and bio, along with a snapshot of the photos they have shared. The feature has been rolled out only to a select few at present and will be made available to other gradually. You can navigate over to[username] to check if you are one of the lucky few who got access to the new profiles.

There is no surprise the new Instagram Web Profiles look similar to Facebook profiles, seeing that the latter does  own the former. When Instagram Web Profile does roll out to everyone, looks like there will be another way to waste time at your work desktop.

Source: Instagram via Arstechnica

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