Instagram Coming to Android

Instagram Coming to Android

Applications are one of the key differentiating features between smartphones. With competitors keeping up in the hardware race, the availability of certain apps on particular platforms plays a major role in a customer's purchase decision.

Instagram is a free-to-download photo sharing app which is currently only available for the iPhone. The application is a major success story and has approximately 50 million users. Besides providing a network for people to display their work, the app also has built-in filters which can transform your shot from a run of the mill photograph to a quirky, fun picture.

And now, the CEO of Instagram has stated that the company has started work on an Android version of their application. At present, a grand total of two people are working on the project and no concrete information on release dates are available.

There are already apps for Android users, such as Pixlr-o-matic, which provides a similar service to that of Instagram. However, dawdling should not cost Instagram much. With its huge base of users, sharing on Instagram is a much more attractive option and this is sure to draw users away from its competitors. 

Source: CNET via Techland

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