IDC Predicts Win Phone 7 Overtaking iPhone by 2015

IDC Predicts Win Phone 7 Overtaking iPhone by 2015

Research firm IDC has made a bold prediction - Windows Phone 7 will overtake iOS to become the second most popular mobile OS by 2015. It's all based on the Microsoft-Nokia alliance and how that will affect the market share. We have our own doubts over this, but then again it's four years into the future and that's a long time in tech. We suppose, anything's possible.

PC Magazine - The whole idea stems from the Nokia deal and patterns of buying behavior. There is not enough data—none, in fact—on the pick-up sales created by the Microsoft-Nokia deal, so this prediction is completely off-the-wall and seems based more on current Symbian numbers than actual sales. There is one conceivable underlying assertion, and that's that Phone 7 is better, by far, than Symbian, and if Symbian is still hanging in there (it is), then Phone 7 should do as well or better.

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