Huawei Readying Ascend D1 Q for MWC 2012

Huawei Readying Ascend D1 Q for MWC 2012

Huawei's Chief Marketing Officer Yu Chengdong has done it once again, revealing some early information through Weibo for attendees of the annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Two particularly familiar names were spotted within that post. A new smartphone under the Ascend portfolio, Huawei's line of high-end smartphones was mentioned. The Ascend lineup was first revealed at CES 2012, when Huawei introduced the dual-core Ascend P1 and Ascend P1 S (which measures 6.68mm).

Named the Huawei Ascend D1 Q, that's as much as we know about the model. Details on whether it'll be using the same dual-core processor seen on the Huawei Ascend P1 and P1 S or a quad-core variant (perhaps from NVIDIA Tegra 3) haven't been revealed.

Another note of interest is the MediaPad 10 that was mentioned in the Weibo post. Presumably, we are looking at a 10-inch variant of the Huawei MediaPad. Both the Ascend D1 Q and MediaPad 10 should be pre-loaded with Android 4.0, or at the very least, be upgradable to Ice Cream Sandwich in the very near future.

Source: Weibo via GSM Arena, Sina

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