Huawei Introduces Mass Market Android 2.2 Smartphone

Huawei launches first mass market Android 2.2 smartphone with Google in Singapore

IDEOS - the first mass market smartphone with Android 2.2
New device boosts Huawei’s tier 1 position in the global mobile broadband device market
Huawei Device’s first product showcase in Singapore

Huawei today unveiled the IDEOS smartphone for the first time in Singapore. The new smartphone, which is the world’s first mass market smartphone to be powered by Android 2.2, redefines the “Android for all” concept by combining full feature performance with high-quality hardware and software at a very competitive price.

The ergonomically designed IDEOS provides a variety of ways to access the internet, boasting downlink speeds of up to 7.2Mb/s and offering 3G + Wi-Fi dual network support. The device also doubles up as a Wi-Fi router, making IDEOS an all-in-one solution for a range of wireless connectivity options.

Available in a range of colours, the IDEOS not only runs faster, but also supports functions such as voice dialing, voice navigation, and the ability to run applications in the SD card. With more than 70,000 applications available in the Android Market, IDEOS provides a wide range of communication, entertainment, and business management applications.

Alex Jiang, President of Huawei Device in Asia Pacific, said, “Huawei is already the global leader in the mobile broadband segment, with over 50% of the market share. The launch of the IDEOS will complement and strengthen our drive to bringing people into the ‘Golden Age of Mobile Broadband’. The IDEOS has been designed and priced to lower the barriers to entry to allow easy mobile Internet access.”

According to Alex Jiang, the name "IDEOS" embodies creativity and inspiration: the "ID" represents the industrial design-centric hardware platform, the "OS" represents the operating system as the core software platform, and the "E" symbolizes the evolution to mobile Internet. The word IDEOS creates Ideas for lives of the consumers.

With the introduction of the IDEOS smartphone, Huawei is also meeting the demands of a growing market in Southeast Asia. According to findings from GfK retail audit, Southeast Asia’s smartphones share reached 12.4% of the total mobile market in June 2010 from 5.6% in the same period last year. In addition, smartphones with Android OS increased to 11% unit share of the Southeast Asia market over the past one year.

According to several reports, Android has been touted as the fastest growing mobile operating system. Some of the key features of the Android 2.2 that is offered with the IDEOS include built-in Wi-Fi tethering that enables users to share their mobile phone’s 3G internet connection with external devices such as laptops. This effectively enables users to turn their mobile phone into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot for up to eight devices at a time. In addition, Android 2.2 also allows applications can be run from an SD card.

Huawei Device’s Android and wireless mobile broadband offerings are performing well in the global market. In 2009, device shipment hit over 90 million units globally with revenues of more than US$5 billion. Huawei is now a tier 1 vendor to major global operators.

During the launch event, members of the media and invited guests of Huawei Device also had the opportunity to experience the company’s range of smart mobile broadband, handsets and home devices that aim to simplify consumers’ world. Products showcased include the much anticipated S7, the multifunctional IDEOS Tablet; E5 II, a revolutionary pocket Wi-Fi, which has recently been made available in major technology shops across the island; and a range of Android™-powered smartphones.

The Huawei IDEOS will be available in Singapore in Q4/2010 from operators and at any large IT chain store.

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