HTC's Windows Phone 7 Spotted

HTC's Windows Phone 7 Spotted

Given that Microsoft has announced its Windows Phone 7 to be ready by this year, it's not a surprise that someone might have gotten their hands on an early unit. In fact, what has been leaked on the web is possibly HTC's first Windows Phone 7, with specifications that mirrors the Android-based HTC Desire such as a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and a 3.7-inch screen.

Engadget - A candybar slate from HTC with a 3.7-inch SLCD and 1GHz Snapdragon processor -- sounds about right for the Desire, but this little puppy is actually running Windows Phone 7 (presumably a developer build, given the apps catalog). According to our tipster, the three buttons under the screen are touch-sensitive à la Nexus One, the camera boasts 8 megapixels of memory retention, and the "hardware is ready." What you're not seeing, however, is any sign of skinning -- no Sense on this one, we're afraid.

But as expected, we don't see any user interface customization, i.e. HTC Sense, due to Microsoft's stringent policy for its new mobile platform. Meanwhile, we could be seeing more devices from the likes of LG and Samsung running on Windows Phone 7 in the months to come. For the moment, check out this leaked Windows Phone 7 over here.

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