HTC's Windows Phone 7 Device Leaked, Named Spark

HTC's Windows Phone 7 Device Leaked, Named Spark

Is Microsoft delivering its revamped mobile OS, Windows Phone 7, in time for the holiday season? Judging from the torrents of leaked news about upcoming Windows Phone 7 devices, we think it is happening. And what better way to showcase it, than leaked images of a device from Microsoft's long-standing partner, HTC. Spotted in the wild is the HTC Spark, which has also been touted as the HTC Mondrain a while ago.

Engadget - Well, it was only a matter of time -- first the leaked press shots of this elusive HTC Spark (although possibly misidentified as the Mondrian back then -- note the shinier earpiece in the leaked AT&T ad), and now the real thing is in the hands of some lucky hardware tester.

The Windows Phone 7 leaks are definitely building up, which could be pointing to an upcoming launch. There have been rumors of an October unveiling in Europe, and if that's true, that means we'll be seeing full fledged Windows Phone 7 devices from the likes of HTC, Samsung and LG very soon. For now, you can check out more pictures (leaked, that is) of the HTC Spark over here.

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