HTC to Unveil Quad-Core Tablet at MWC 2012?

HTC to Unveil Quad-Core Tablet at MWC 2012?


According to China's Commercial Times, HTC is said to be introducing a quad-core Android tablet in February at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2012. The upcoming tablet will be running on the recently announced NVIDIA's Tegra 3 quad-core processor.

HTC isn't a stranger to the tablet game, with its only Android tablet, the HTC Flyer, introduced earlier this year at MWC 2011. However, the Flyer's single-core 1.5GHz processor is a stark contrast from the quad-core prowess of the rumored upcoming HTC tablet. Even with its unique HTC Sense user interface, the Flyer did not manage to break the dominance held by Apple in the tablet arena.

The report also mentioned that the Taiwanese company could be introducing just this Android tablet in Q1 2012. However, it might not be the only tablet, given that HTC is supposedly hoping to gain first traction with Microsoft's Windows 8 that is expected sometime in end Q3 2012.

As per its usual routine, HTC should be riding on the media hype for the annual mobile trade show, with a pair of leaked phones, the quad-core HTC Edge and Ice Cream Sandwich-powered HTC Ville joining the Tegra 3 tablet as part of the MWC 2012 lineup.

Source: China's Commercial Times via SlashGear

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