HTC to Unlock Bootloaders on Android Devices

HTC to Unlock Bootloaders on Android Devices

A few months ago, HTC was facing some fire over the locking of the bootloader of its Android devices, in particular the HTC Incredible S. In doing so, developers are effectively blocked off from customizing and enhancing the user experience on these Android devices. Being one of the few companies that have banked on customization and having a developer friendly approach, it seems baffling for HTC to take this stance. Fortunately, a statement from HTC's CEO, Peter Chou, has acknowledged their customers' feedback, and henceforth, HTC will no longer be locking the bootloader on their devices.

Electronista - HTC tonight followed up on its policy rethink with an official statement on Facebook that it would no longer lock bootloaders on its phones. CEO Peter Chou acknowledged criticism and vowed that customers could more easily modify Android devices' firmware from now on. He stopped short of saying whether the change would be retroactive or if it would be limited to upcoming hardware, but made clear that keeping loyalty was important.

With the imminent arrival of its first dual-core Android 2.3 smartphone, the HTC Sensation, this news bodes well for the Taiwanese company through its attempt to retain loyalty across its customer base, especially the mobile enthusiasts and their adventurous customizing streak.

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